When I go on a walk and see litter scattered around it saddens me and at the same time fills me with compassion for those who drop it.  I love walking, particularly in a beautiful place and preferably surrounded by nature.  I count my lucky stars that I was brought up to love nature, to appreciate the plants and animals around me and to realise that they bring me much pleasure and relief from my daily stresses.  Then I feel saddened that some others do not have the same experience as me, that they don’t see the healing potential of being out in nature, of how it can help to restore your soul, because I ask myself, surely if they did they would not want to throw out their rubbish and diminish the magic?


So as I walk along instead of being irritated by seeing the same piece of rubbish day after day, I may scoop it up because not only does it make me feel better but my actions provide a safer place for the nature I love and benefit to thrive more.  Life is a circle; the more I give to my environment the more it gives back to me. The more I react to anything in my environment the more it reacts back.   It is a mirror because if we are trashing our external environment the same thing is happening within us too, causing all sorts of havoc, misery and stress.  Conversely if we are doing our best to clear out our rubbish, not dump our “rubbish” around and look at the greater effect our decisions have on all around us, our stress diminishes, acceptance and compassion arise and with those more peace.