BodyTalk addresses the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health and wellbeing. It integrates all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to health and wellbeing. It’s simplicity and effectiveness has resulted in it being one of the fastest growing healthcare modalities in the world.

Redress the balance within

What is BodyTalk – Explain it to me!

Sometimes, the lines of communication within our bodies stop functioning effectively. When this happens, we lose the ability to heal ourselves properly. This communication breakdown happens as a result of blockages caused by stresses to the body, which may have resulted from a physical injury, an emotional trauma, our thoughts and beliefs or any number of other environmental factors. This communication breakdown results in a decline in our physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. Our bodies hold the key to the solution and through BodyTalk we can unlock and restore our bodies own natural ability to heal itself.

Through the BodyTalk approach, we get right to the heart of the matter and areas within your body that need attention are revealed, taking into account along the way your own life events, life style choices & genetics.

By looking at the whole body & the whole story rather than focussing on the symptoms that you are experiencing, the BodyTalk technique gets to the heart of the cause and helps your body assess, prioritise and try to repair the problem itself.

Be reassured, the effects are incredibly powerful and the results long lasting.

How does it work?

The beauty of the BodyTalk technique is that it is non invasive. All you need to do is to lie down, relax and let your body do the talking!

By using a muscle checking technique, which lets the body respond one way for “yes” and another for “no”, the body can be quizzed and the areas where communication has broken down identified. Your body will reveal areas that need attention and prioritise in which order they should be addressed. In doing so a “formula” or “story” is established of what is out of balance, what is throwing it out of balance and which lines of communication need to be restored.

A light tapping technique on your head is then used to stimulate and tell the brain what the new communication patterns are, followed by tapping on the sternum / heart to store them permanently in your cells’ memory. This makes sure your body doesn’t forget again! Your heart beat then circulates this new information around your body, so that it understands how it should work in the future.

Your body knows how to heal itself, it just got blocked somewhere along the way.

The History of BodyTalk

The BodyTalk System was first developed in the 1990’s by Dr. John Veltheim. Dr Veltheim is a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, Reiki Master, lecturer and teacher. His extensive post-graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bio- energetic psychology, osteopathy, quantum physics, sports medicine, counseling and comparative philosophy and theology.

BodyTalk is a state-of-the-art approach to integrative mind/body medicine by combining Western medicine’s scientifically supported research in fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology along with a large number of highly recognized ancient and modern healing methods and principles of knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology.

The BodyTalk System also uses concepts from the fields of Information Science and Information Management, Dynamic Systems Theory and advanced process control and optimization principles found in the engineering fields, as well as advanced topics in mathematics and quantum physics.

This remarkable new healthcare system is today taught by over 200 instructors in over 50 countries with translation of training materials into 10 languages.

BodyTalk in Greater Detail

BodyTalk: Healthcare designed by your body

The BodyTalk System seeks to address the “whole person”. This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental. In BodyTalk, we have developed a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of any person, animal, or plant.

As WholeHealthCare, BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story.

The BodyTalk techniques provide insights to the areas of your body that need attention. What might seem like an obvious problem to you is not necessarily the one your body wants to address first.

This is the beauty of BodyTalk. It respects the body’s own needs and determines your body’s priorities for healing. Then with the use of a variety of non-invasive techniques, BodyTalkers refocus your body’s natural healing response to establish better communication within the body.

BodyTalk looks at the big picture

Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons. When a practitioner is trained to look at the whole-person, emotional, physical and environmental influences – the true underlying causes of dis-ease can be revealed.

Every choice, and every experience in your life, has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and injury has a unique story and a history. BodyTalk takes into consideration your whole-story. Your life-style, genetics and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalized approach to Healthcare that brings about lasting changes.

BodyTalk recognises that each system of healthcare and each practitioner have a unique knowledge and skill set. BodyTalk is designed to integrate all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to health and wellbeing. This includes referring a client onto another Healthcare practitioner or field of healthcare when necessary.

I am your body

The body can be addressed in many different ways. One effective approach taken in The BodyTalk System is to understand the functions of the body according to the discoveries of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bioenergetic Psychology. These systems developed an understanding of the relationships of physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing.

Considering the whole-story of the body is extremely important to the healing process. By doing this, The BodyTalk System is providing a truly whole-istic approach to the treatment of dis-ease. This understanding, along with the effective BodyTalk techniques is why The BodyTalk System is such an effective Healthcare system.

The study of all this is fascinating. If you truly understand the energic psychological makeup of the body, you then start to appreciate how dis-ease develops and why it is maintained.

Ultimately, the bodymind knows best how to heal itself in a holistic way. Any interference by way of treating symptoms is only a compromise, for the real power of healing lies innately within the BodyTalk system.