Welcome to BodyTalk!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery? Are you ready to find out more about who you truly are and gain focus about what you want from life and what is holding you back? How often do you stand back and get a bit of perspective on your life, where it is going, what you want from it and what is causing your disease? Are you allowing yourself to shine and find the things that make you uniquely brilliant or are you feeling weighted down by life’s stresses? Well, perhaps it’s time to join an ever growing number of people and challenge yourself, to find a better way, to embrace life, to find your passions, to remove your obstacles and improve your overall health and sense of wellbeing.

Burst into Bloom utilizes the BodyTalk system to help you to do so. BodyTalk acknowledges that we are complex beings whose bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are intimately interwoven and as such whatever happens to one part of us impacts the rest of our being. We are not made up of our parts we are “wholes” and hence it addresses the “whole person” and helps your bodies natural healing system to rebalance holistically and in doing so achieve better health and wellbeing.

Burst into Bloom embraces taking responsibility for your life and challenging yourself to have the best life possible.