Tough Love

I have just returned from spending almost 5 weeks in the Bushveld, including two weeks volunteering on a conservation project adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This is a place where you get a chance to observe nature at its wildest, at its fullest. It also a place that gives you the space to reflect on life, to put aside your personal problems and to look at the bigger picture. It is also a hard place where animals have to use their skills and instincts to survive and a cruel place where mankind’s greed and vast numbers have led to many species being on the brink of extinction due to land pressure and relentless poaching. It is also my favourite place as it is an authentic place. It is a place where your senses come to life and and a deeper sense of belonging to a whole, to being part of the universe, seeps in.

Whilst I was out there a ranger from another reserve bordering Kruger Park was stabbed 18 times and his throat was slit. He survived. His wife was stabbed too. This was done by poachers demanding to know where rhino horn was stored. A rhino died too. A game count was conducted and rhino numbers in this region where down by 20% on last year.

I ask myself when will consumers think through the consequences of their actions buying these products? I read an interview with a Vietnamese man, who consumed rhino horn, because he said it made him feel like a king, because only kings and queens could afford to buy it in the past. How sad is that. Rhino horn is made from keratin, like finger nails. It reminds me of the Emperor’s clothing. How people can blindly believe in fantasy, but with a tragic twist that the rhinos are doomed to be extinct in 10 years if poaching is not stopped. The other consequence is the people behind poaching, like those behind major drug supply, are often terrorists using this income to fund their activities.

It’s time to act to fight back, to take responsibility for our wildlife and ultimately for ourselves. Our wellbeing and health depends on nature. Save the Rhino has launched a campaign called nailit4rhinos to bring awareness to their plight and the fact that the horn is made from keratin like our nails. Come on everyone please support it. Guys you will raise more questions wearing nail polish so don’t just leave it to the ladies! I will share the campaign advert on Facebook otherwise google nailit4rhinos for details. I have also made a commitment to give 30% of the profits I raise from my BodyTalk practise to charities I have vetted to help fight poaching. So come and have a BodyTalk session and you will be contributing in that way.