I went to see the wonderful Matisse cut out exhibition at the Tate Modern on Saturday. Matisse’s use of colour is extraordinary. Listening to the audio tour it became apparent that he was experimenting with finding the essential nature of life; be it a plant, a woman (see his blue nudes), a bird or even a snail (the snail is argueably what he is best known for). This resonates with BodyTalk where we are working with stripping away conditioning to help us get back to our true natures and have more spontaneous and colourful lives.

When showing his pictures to my friend Jodie, she commented that they look quite child like. Think about young children and how they love to explore, have fun and live in the moment. They have much less conditioning and show more of their true natures. I think that Matisse would probably take this as a compliment!

photo 1

Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern

photo 2

Blue nude