Why is it so difficult to have true integrity?

Take the scenario of little Jane who gets caught by her Mum for stealing cookies. Her immediate reaction is likely to be one of denial even if she has crumbs down her clothing. Why does she act this way? What is she trying to avoid?

Her denial is prompted by her need to belong, to be seen to be a “good girl” and not risk being rejected.  It is often easier to deny things that we have done, even if our intensions were good, when we assume people will judge us badly. We then get caught up in a spiral of deception. But by avoiding and not taking responsibility for our actions we are loosing our intergrity.

Lets face it having integrity often takes an enormous amount of courage. It can mean going out on a limb, loosing your support system, fighting your fears of not belonging and being seen to be different. It means taking responsibility for your life and not blaming others or circumstances for your discomfort. It means looking things in the face that you would rather avoid. Ultimately it is hugely rewarding and gives an inner sense of peace, of having done the right thing.

One of my heroes and probably the person that I have met with the most integrity and courage in adversity is Wendy Addison. Listen to her story on TEDx:;search%3AWendy%20Addison

It’ll probably make you cry but it’ll also give you hope and hopefully courage to stand up for what is the honest path. Explore her website