Embracing your passions in life

Dr Janina Ramirez, the art historian, researcher, lecturer and TV presenter, came to speak at my daughter’s school speech day. Her message to the girls was to find a job that they loved and were passionate about as then hard work and enjoyment would follow naturally and obstacles would be more easily overcome. She also commented that this was more important to her than making lots of money and that if you were friendly and nice to people they tended to reciprocate.


This reasonated with me and reminded me of moving to our current house ten years ago. We had seen the garden in winter so I was dismayed to discover that it was inundated with perennial weeds and expensive plants that had died from lack of watering. I am not proud to admit that I shed a few tears of frustration and said a few nasty words about the previous owners neglect. However, I decided that I had always wanted to have lovely garden and that I was not going to let these obstacles stand in my way. What gave me the strength of endurance and desire to reach my goal was the passion and love I had for gardening. Since I was a little girl I had always had my own bit of garden. My hard work and enthusiasm paid off. I now have the pleasure of looking out on a beautiful garden and yes; it is still lots of hard work. What probably gives me the most pleasure though is being able to share it with others; whether they are friends coming over for a BBQ, Gardeners’ World viewers or doing open gardens to raise money for charity.


Have you taken the time to explore what your passions are in life? Are you doing a job that makes your heart sing or are you plodding along doing what you think others expect you to do? Take some time for yourself to discover what you love doing and then take action and do it.


If you are already, please share your stories with us.

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