Why do we choose to do the job that we do?

Yesterday I read an article by Julia Felton, CEO of Business HorsePower titled: “The number one reason why networking does not work?” It went on to say that for most people networking doesn’t work as they spend their time telling people what they do and that people don’t really care WHAT you do, they care WHY you do it. This is because when people share why they do something it stirs up feelings in the limbic brain, the part of the brain responsible for decision making and behaviour. It helps people to connect through shared feelings and emotions. Whereas the telling of the what they do stimulates the neocortex which is rational and analytical but does not drive behaviour.

This got me questioning why I am a BodyTalk practitioner?

Well the obvious reasons were the health benefits I have experienced, from overcoming autoimmune issues to generally feeling less stressed about life, but it goes deeper than that. These benefits could have been achieved and continue to be achieved by attending regular BodyTalk sessions. Digging a little further I have always liked the fact that BodyTalk utilises your bodies own natural ability to heal rather than more invasive procedures. Our bodies heal themselves of injuries and illnesses all the time so where ever possible I wanted to embrace this. Where not possible, for example if I break an arm and it needs setting I will follow this practical solution. But the main underlying reason I love BodyTalk is that not only does it embrace natural healing but helps us on a journey to discover the essence of who we are. It facilitates an unravelling of past conditioning. It challenges me to question who I am. It peels away layers of stored emotions and makes me feel less restricted, freer. In nature all is trying to reach balance, harmony or homeostasis and BodyTalk embraces this. Every time a client has a session I go into a healing zone and observe their bodies making changes, this zone also facilitates healing me so by practicing BodyTalk not only does the client benefit, I do too, a win win situation! I love my job because I love seeing the shifts taking place in clients as well as in myself.

What about your job, gets you out of bed in the morning and gets you through your hardest days?