Do our bodies talk to us and if so what are they trying to say?

Have you ever wondered if your body is trying to communicate something to you? If that sore foot or tense shoulder is a message. Have you ever tried to understand that message or just suffered or ignored it? Various parts of the body have their own psychologies, their own meanings. These can arise from their Western medical functions or from Eastern medical understanding. If you listen carefully to our languaging we use words that represent this. We talk about carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders therefore it probably won’t surprise you to hear that shoulder problems can be related to burdens and responsibilities. We feel our bile rising. The gall bladder holds the bile and the liver makes the bile. In Chinese medicine anger is the emotion associated with these two organs. Women more commonly get gall stones than men because culturally they are expected to repress their anger whist men more commonly get kidney stones. The kidneys relate to the emotion of fear which men often find harder than women to express.

We also often show an understanding of these psychologies of the body in our actions we take. Continuing with the kidneys, the meridian associated with them runs through the knees and has to do with willpower. So when someone wants to weaken our will power they make us bend our knees. Think of a bank robbery. People are told to get down.

Here are a few more examples from the BodyTalk Systems website:

I am the Lungs

I am an important organ because I allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so your vitality is dependent on me. I am also responsible for distributing Qi around the body and so when I am functioning properly I give sharpness to movements and allow for good reaction times. I also play an important role in releasing attachments to the past as you release each breath. So when you ‘hold on’ to things in your life, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel suffocated and unable to grow.

I am the Wrist

I am a complex character because I have such close ties to the hand, which is one of the most expressive parts of the body. I have to be very flexible and precise which requires a lot of intelligence, so it is little wonder that the stomach controls me. The stomach represents the conscious mind, and so when you start thinking too much and especially when your thinking becomes rigid and narrow-minded, then I become rigid. If you can’t ‘stomach’ your life and what is happening around you, then you will start having indigestion and I will ache and degenerate.

I am the Large Intestine

You may think that my only role is to eliminate waste as a result of the digestion of food. I do much more than that. I also eliminate impure thoughts and emotions as a result of our life experience. To do this I am able to generate grief to help you let go and move on. The desire to be in control of every situation leads to the inability to surrender yesterday’s emotions – which you call constipation. When I am functioning properly I allow for the ability to release the past and cleanly enter each day with an open mind.

What is your body saying?

Take a moment to listen… or have a BodyTalk session.