A BodyTalk Session

Relax and let your body do the talking

What’s involved?

Very little is required from you in order to get the most out of a session. You just need to sit or lie down (fully clothed), make yourself comfortable and relax. Your body will determine what it wants to focus on, how long your session should last and if you need to come back for any follow up sessions.

The length of the session can vary, from 30-60 minutes, but be reassured even the simplest sessions can produce astounding results.

How do I prepare?

Before you have your session, you will be emailed a health questionnaire and a consent form. Fill it out and bring it with you to your appointment. The session will start by chatting about your form, how you are feeling and whether there are any personal issues that you may want to address.

What happens during the session?

Using a gentle muscle feedback technique on your arm, I begin by establishing a “yes” or “no” communication with your body. Once this has been set up, I ask your body to help identifying where any communication issues within your body lie, and in which order to reestablish them so you can start to heal and feel better.

Once these areas have been discovered, other information that is relevant can also be revealed by your body, and together a formula can be constructed that shows how the new communication system needs to work.

We then need to be able to tell your body about the formula. This involves light tapping on the brain to tell it to correct faulty communication circuits, and tapping on the heart to let your body store the corrections. Your heart then circulates this information to let the rest of your body know.

Your body is very clever, and continues to store all of these changes. As you have more sessions your body remembers what it learned last time, and so the healing continues to get stronger and stronger with each subsequent session.

How much is a session?

Initial session is £60 and follow up sessions are £50. Sessions last as long as your body needs them to.

How do I book?

If you would like to make an appointment, then please feel free to contact us.

Distance sessions

Keen to try BodyTalk but unable to make it to us for a session? Don’t worry you don’t have to be in the same room to receive all the benefits!

From the comfort of your own home, you can have a session over the phone, over Skype or even be going about your daily business, blissfully unaware that it is happening.

Using our own body as if it was yours, we will be able to conduct the session in exactly the same way we would if you were in the room.
If you are on skype or on the phone, we can ask you questions and give you instructions of what to do as things come up. Alternatively, we can do the session without you present and email the results of the session to you. The email will contain a summary and any questions that we may have, you can then answer when you are able to and ask any questions of your own.
If you’d like to learn a little bit more about our distance sessions and how they work, then please give us a call on 07775 607 107, we’d be happy to talk you through it!

Today is the day you can choose to feel better.