I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and a member of the BATC Professional Body in the Netherlands. As such, I embrace working with the 5 nature-orientated principles to help bring about better health and wellbeing in my clients . I have many techniques to work with enhancing/improving their function in my practice.

The 5 nature-orientated principles are:

The basis of life. Without energy there is no possibility of recovery.

Energy Transfer
The restoration of internal physical and mental communications systems. Without conduction many functions stagnate.

Reducing the toxic load in the body at all levels mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental.

Good nutrition is essential in order to obtain a balance between performance and well-being. Not only is a healthy diet important but also removing obstacles that obstruct mental and spiritual nourishment such as environmental challenges, beliefs, expectations and judgements of others.

The Art of Life
Understanding the underlying reasons for disease. It is difficult to move out of a pattern of disease if the causes for it aren’t ascertained.